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The capital of Hokkaido and Japan's fifth largest city.
Sapporo was the host of the 1972 Winter Olympic games.
It is a relatively new city, which may explain it's well thought out, orderly structure.
It is also famous for its delicious Ramen, 'Sapporo Beer' and the Sapporo Snow Festival.
Convenient, clean and uncomplicated, this city is very popular for both the Japanese and the non Japanese.
Sapporo Snow Festival (Main Image)

Rows of small and large snow statues are on display at three sites in Sapporo City, which is visited by two million people including overseas tourists. Odori Park which serves as the main venue is located in the city center, and a space extending 1.5km transforms into a snow museum. International Square becomes the stage for the International Snow Statue Contest and every year more than 10 teams compete from all over the world. As this is a park, you can drop by whenever you like. The lit-up snow statues are so beautiful. Moreover, the ice sculptures displayed at the Susukino Site, which is also a famous nightspot district, create a truly fantastic world.
Odori Avenue Park

Odori Avenue Park is more than 1,400 metres long. In summer it is full of beer gardens, while in winter it becomes the location for the Sapporo snow festival. At the eastern end of Odori Park stands the Sapporo TV Tower, which has an observation deck with beautiful views of the park and the surrounding city. The tower is just under 150 meters tall and the observation deck is at an elevation of 90 meters. During the evening the tower is illuminated, making it an attractive landmark.

Susukino is Japan's largest entertainment district north of Tokyo. It is packed with stores, bars, restaurants, karaoke shops and pachinko parlors. Of special interest to noodle lovers is the Ramen Yokocho, a narrow lane lined with shops serving Sapporo's famous ramen. In February, Susukino serves as a site of the Snow Festival, hosting an ice sculpture competition..