Hot Spring - Onsen


There are a number of ways that the Japanese spend their time relaxing; some of them perhaps strange and quirky in the
eyes of a foreign person but absolutely normal for the Japanese.
Karaoke Since its invention in the late 1970's Karaoke has become an integral part of Japan's entertainment industry. While in the UK, participants usually have to stand up in front of a crowded pub in order to show their talents, in Japan the 'Karaoke Box' allows one to perform in front of a select few inside a cubicle of their own. Of course if one prefers singing in front of strangers they have the option of going to a 'snack bar' (a bar which usually undertakes karaoke and serves snacks with the drinks)
Pachinko One of Japan's more perplexing past times. This is a gambling machine whereby one inserts credits and must collect as many pinballs from the machines as possible.
While it can be a very financially rewarding experience when played properly, one may find that they have lost thousands of yen in the blink of an eye.
Onsen Due to it's highly active geology, Japan has benefitted from a good number of natural hot springs (onsen). Often said to have healing effects these onsen are very popular places for the Japanese themselves.
One thing an outsider should be aware of however is that it is customary to be fully bare with just a small rinsing cloth to hide ones modesty.
Anime Whether they're young or old, male or female there seems to be an appropriate comic book for all. It is often said that the quality of animation in this country overshadows that of anywhere else in the world and almost as a testament to this the Japanese have a near obsessive Manga/Anime culture that many would deem to be somewhat unhealthy.